Ministry of Home Affairs

  • MHA will bring its own satellite for border monitoring, ISRO left the satellite yesterday * The Ministry of Home Affairs is now going to take the help of the Indian Space Research Organization to keep a close watch on the border of China, Pakistan and Bangladesh. He will make a special satellite for himself, which will keep an eye on the border of China, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It will directly send its data and feed to the Ministry of Home Affairs. A high level meeting is being held today regarding this satellite of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Officials of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Chief of Intelligence Bureau, officers of CRPF, BSF, ITBP, SSB are also participating in this meeting. According to sources in the Ministry of Home Affairs, the armies and paramilitary forces guarding the borders will get real time information. In this meeting, Senior Scientist of ISRO and Project Director of Mangalyaan Mission S. Arunann is also joining. After all, what kind of satellites are these, which monitor the borders. Some kind of equipment is attached to them. Generally surveillance satellites have radar imaging, microwave remote sensing, cartographic satellites. Like- Cartosat series, RISAT series, Earth observation satellite etc. Payloads are installed in these satellites according to the need. Such as optical cameras, infrared cameras, thermal cameras or night vision cameras, or heat sensing payloads. The EOS-4 / RISAT-1A satellite launched by ISRO on Valentine’s Day tomorrow is also a surveillance satellite in a way. ISRO has launched 41 Earth Observation Satellites so far in 43 years. Out of which in total three have failed. That means 40 successful. See the success and accuracy of our scientists that the first failure happened in 1988. The second in 1993. After this there was no failure for 28 years. The failed launches included SROSS-2 – 13 July 1988 ASLV-D2 rocket, IRS-1E – 20 September 1993 PSLV-D1 rocket and EOS-3 – 12 August 2021 GSLV-F10 rocket.

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