Equipment and uses

● Anemometer – to measure wind speed

● Audiometer – to measure noise intensity

● Barometer – to measure atmospheric pressure

● C E C G – A device that records the waves in the brain

● Fathometer – to find the depth of the oceans

● Hydrometer – to find the specific density of liquids

● Hygrometer – to measure the humidity in the air

● Manometer – to measure the pressure of gases

● Pyrometer – a device that measures the temperature of the sun and high temperatures

● Radar – a device that detects aircraft traffic via radio waves

● Rain gauge – to measure rainfall in an area

● Radiometer – to measure atomization

● Spigno manometer – to measure blood pressure

● Seismograph – to measure seismic intensity

● Ammeter – to measure the strength of an electric current

● Odometer – a device that measures the speed of motor vehicles

● Crescograph – a tool that detects growth in plants

● Chronometer – to find out the longitude of a ship at sea

● Planimeter – of a flat surface
An instrument used to measure area

● Magnometer – a device that compares magnetic torque fields

● Salinometer – a device that measures the concentration of saline solution

● Spectrometer – a tool for measuring refractive indexes

● Hydrophone – a device that measures the speed of sound under a water surface

● Dynamo – a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy

● Chrometer – A thermometer that measures the lowest temperatures

● Endoscope – a device that examines the internal organs in the intestines

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