Teachings of Buddha

🔆Teachings of Buddha

✅The world is transient (anicca) and constant changing

✅It is soulless (anatta) and there is nothing permanent (sunyavada).

✅Accepted the philosophy of rebirth

✅Within this transient world sorrow is intrinsic to human existence

✅It is by following the path of moderation between severe penance and self indulgence that human being can rise above these worldly troubles.

✅In the earliest form of Buddhism, wether or not god existence was irrelevant (Agonistc ).

✅The Buddha regarded social world (varnas) as the creation of human rather than divine origin.

✅Denial to rituals

✅Karma is the ultimate liberator of life , buddha emphasis individual agency and righteous action as the means to escape from the cycle of rebirth and attain self realisation

✅Exhausting of the ego and desire – end the cycle of sufferings for those who renounced the world

✅”Be the lamps unto yourself as all of u must work out ur own liberation”

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