About the Caspian Sea

Caspian Sea


Lukoil boasts production milestone at Caspian Sea field


  1. Lies at the junction of Europe and Asia
  2. West – Caucasus Mountains
  3. East – steppes of Central Asia
  4. Bordering Countries:

a. Russia to the northwest,
b. Azerbaijan to the west,
c. Iran to the south,
d. Turkmenistan to the southeast
e. Kazakhstan to the northeast.

Facts of Caspian Sea:

  1. It is the Earth’s largest inland water body.
  2. It is rich with oil and natural gas.
  3. The Caspian Depression, a flat, lowland region encompassing the northern area of the Caspian Sea, is one of the lowest points on Earth.
  4. It is the world’s largest lake or a full-fledged sea.
  5. It is an endorheic basin, meaning it has no natural outlets.
  6. The primary tributary is the Volga River in the north, which provides about 80 percent of the inflowing water.
  7. The Ural River, also in the north, and the Kura River in the west, are also significant tributaries.




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