Important surnames of cities and countries of the world

Important surnames of cities / countries of the world

The Land of White Elephants – Thailand
Land of Thousand Lakes – Finland
Country of the rising sun – Japan
Country of the setting sun – Britain
Country of the midnight sun – Norway
Mapil’s Country – Canada
Country of Kangaroo – Australia
Country of Lily – Canada
Turquoise Island – Ireland
Arena of Europe – Belgium
City of the Golden Gate – San French
Playground of Europe – Switzerland
The country of snakes – Brazil
River of Oil – Niger River
Coal River – Rhine River
White Continent – ​​Antarctica
Manchester of the East – Osaka (Japan)
Bloodline Woman – Rome
Bloodline prostitute – Rome
Pope’s City – Rome
Crab of the Whites – Guinea Coast
Black City – Belgrade
China’s Mourning – Hwanghou River
Europe’s patient – ​​Turkey
Roof of the world – Pamir plateau
Holy Land – Jerusalem / Palestine
Island of Pearls – Bahrain
The Key to the Mediterranean Sea – Strait of Gibraltar
Island of Iowa – Zanzibar
City of Seven Hills – Rome
The boon of the Nile – Egypt
Empire City – New York
Forbidden City – Lhasa (Tibet)
Dark Continent – ​​Africa
The land of morning peace – Korea
Country of the Golden Pagoda – Myanmar
Country of Caco – Scotland
Island of Pearls – Bahrain
World’s sugar container – Cuba
World’s Bread Basket – Prairida (North America)
The World’s Coffee Market – Saopalo
World pottery – Brazil
Country of Thirsty – Australia
Sacred Mountain – Fujiyama
Fire Island – Iceland
Cambodia’s Mourning – Mekong River
Contents of the Ancient World – Rome
Windy City – Chicago (United States)
Queen of the Adriatic – Venice (Italy)

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