Ways to describe taste

🏤 Ways to describe taste :-


⛩ Acidic (खट्टा): sharp-tasting or sour.
“acidic wine”

⛩ Astringent (खट्टा, कसैला): sharp or bitter
“an astringent smell of rotting apples”

⛩ Bitter (कड़वा): having a sharp, pungent taste or smell; not sweet.
“raw berries have an intensely bitter flavour”

⛩ Bittersweet ( मीठापन जिसके अंत में कटूता हो ): sweet with a bitter aftertaste.
“she sipped the bittersweet mocktail”

⛩ Brackish (नमक का): slightly salty, as in river estuaries.
“a cup of brackish water”

⛩ Hot (तीखा): containing or consisting of pungent spices or peppers which produce a burning sensation when tasted.
“a very hot dish cooked with green chilli”

⛩ Mature (पका हुआ, बना हुआ): ready for consumption.
“mature Cheddar cheese”

⛩ Mild (हल्का): not sharp, hot, or strong in flavour.
“a mild Italian cheese”

⛩ Ripe (पका हुआ): developed to the point of readiness for harvesting and eating.
“a ripe tomato”

⛩ Robust (तीव्र): strong and rich in flavour or smell.
“a robust mixture of fish, onions, capers and tomatoes”

⛩ Savory (नमकीन): belonging to the category which is salty or spicy rather than sweet.
“fresh pineapple is useful in savoury as well as in sweet dishes”

⛩ Seasoned (मसालेदार): having had salt, pepper, herbs, or spices added.
“seasoned flour”

⛩ Sharp (तीखा): acidic and intense.
“fresh goats’ milk cheese has a slightly sharper flavour than fromage frais”

⛩ Sour (कड़वा): having gone bad because of fermentation.
“the kitchen smelled of sour milk”

⛩ Spicy (मसालेदार): flavoured with or fragrant with spice.
“pasta in a spicy tomato sauce”

⛩ Sweet and sour (खट्‌टा मीठा): (especially of Chinese-style food) cooked in a sauce containing sugar and either vinegar or lemon.
“sweet-and-sour pork”

⛩ Syrupy (सिरप जैसा मीठा): having the consistency or sweetness of syrup.
“syrupy puddings”

⛩ Tart (कसैला): sharp in taste.
“a tart apple”

⛩ Unsalted (बिना नमक का): not salted.
“unsalted butter”

⛩ Watery (पानी जैसा): disapproving (of food or drink) containing too much water and therefore weak in taste
“watery soup/coffee”


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