First Man, Animal in Space

🚀 First Man/Animals/ 🚀

🔸 First animal in space➖Laika (Dog)➖1957

🔸 First man in space➖Yuri Gagarin➖1961

🔸 First American in space➖Allan Shepard➖1961

🔸 First woman in space➖Valentina Tereshkova➖1963

🔸 First man to walk in space➖Alexei Leonov➖1965

🔸 First man to land on moon➖Neil Armstrong➖1969

🔸 First US woman in space➖Sally Ride➖1983

🔸 First woman to walk in space➖Svetlana Savitskaya➖1984

🔸 First Indian in space➖Rakesh Sharma➖1984

🔸 First Indian (US) woman in space➖Kalpana Chawla➖1997

🔸 First space tourist➖Denis Tito➖2001

🔸 First woman space tourist➖Anousheh Ansari➖2006

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