Most important information about CHLORINE

⭐️CHLORINE (Cl) (Z= 17) ⭐️

🔥The scientist who discovered and isolated the chlorine gas
Ans : Carl Scheele

🔥The scientist who recognized chlorine as an element
Ans : Humphry Davy

🔥The second element having highest reactivity
Ans : Chlorine

🔥The colour of Chlorine gas
Ans : Pale yellow green

🔥The organic compound which contains chlorine
Ans : DDT, BHC, Chloroform, Freon

🔥Chloroform was discovered by
Ans : James Young Simpson

🔥The poisonous substance produced when the chlorine is exposed
Ans : Phosgene

🔥The gas which was used as chemical weapon in the First World War
Ans : Phosgene

🔥The element used to purify the water in swimming pool
Ans : Chlorine

🔥The element used as an oxidising agent
Ans : Chlorine

🔥The element used as a bleaching agent
Ans : Chlorine

🔥The most abundant element present in sea water
Ans : Chlorine

🔥The remedy gas which is used against the chlorine poisoning
Ans : Ammonia

🔥The chlorine compound present in tear gas
Ans : Benzyl Chloride

🔥The compound of chlorine used in the plastics
Ans : Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

🔥The solvent used as an anesthetic
Ans : Chloroform

🔥The compound used as an antiseptic
Ans : Sodium Hypochlorite

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