Important GK and GS Questions

🔰 Important GK Questions 🔰

🔸 At which place is the Shompen tribe found?
➨ Nicobar Islands

🔸 In which state is the Buddhist site Tabo Monastery located?
➨ Himachal Pradesh

🔸 Where is the famous Virupaksha temple located?
➨ Hampi

🔸 Which country has the world’s largest reserves of Uranium?
➨ Australia

🔸 one will come across which country if one travels through the Strait of Malacca?
➨ Singapore

🔸 A collection of gas and dust which appears as a bright ball of light in the sky with a long glowing tail is called?
➨ Comet

🔸 Cape Canaveral, the site from which space shuttles are launched is located on the coast of?
➨ Florida

🔸 Units of measuring distances in the Universe ?
➨ Light year, Parsec

🔸 Distance travelled by light in one year is called _.
➨ One Light year

🔸 Science dealing with the nature and origin of the Universe is knowns as?
➨ Cosmology

🔸 Who created fictional character Harry Potter?
➨ J.K.Rowling

🔸 Deficiency of which vitamin causes Scurvy?
➨ Vitamin-C

🔸 Which constituent of human blood is responsible for blood clotting?
➨ Platelets (Thrombocytes)

🔸 Which was the first country to give women the right to vote in elections?
➨ New Zealand

🔸 According to Hindu mythology, twin sisters Riddhi and Siddhi are wives of which God?
➨ Ganesh

🔸 Which scientist was known as ‘Wizard of Menlo Park’?
➨ Thomas Alva Edison

🔸 On 6th April 1909, who became the first person to reach the North Pole?
➨ Robert Edwin Peary

🔸 What is the name of India’s first nuclear reactor?
➨ Apsara

🔸 Which Mughal emperor assumed the title of ‘Alamgir’ – Conqueror of the world?
➨ Aurangzeb

🔸 At which place did Mahatama Gandhi start his first Satyagraha in India?
➨ Champaran in Bihar

🔸 What is the currency of Argentina?
➖ Peso

🔸 What is the capital of Denmark?
➖ Copenhagen

🔸 Parliament of Russia is called?
➖ Duma

🔸 National Emblem of Australia is?
➖ Kangaroo

🔸 Old name of Sri Lanka is?
➖ Ceylon

🔸 Which country is known as City of Seven Hills?
➖ Rome

🔸 Boundary line between North Korea and South Korea is called?
➖ 38th parallel

🔸 International Women’s Day is celebrated on?
➖ March 8

🔸 Boundary line between India and China is called?
➖ McMohan Line

🔸 Which country is known as Sugar Bowl of the World?
➖ Cuba

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