Classical Dances of India

🔮Classical Dances of India

🔷 Bharatanatyam
🔶Tamil Nadu

🔶Northern and Western India


🔶Andhra Pradesh





😉Interesting Facts

🔮International Dance Day was introduced in 1982 by the International Dance Council (CID, Conseil International de la Danse), a UNESCO partner NGO, and is celebrated yearly, on April 29.

🔮Bharatanatyam culture of South India

🔮Mridangam, Veena, Flute, Violin, and Talam are some of the instruments used in Bharatanatyam performance

🔮Kathak is intermingled with the culture of North India. This classical dance form is associated with the recital art of storytelling.

🔮Heavy makeup and colorful costume are the most amazing facets of Kathakali

🔮noble hero or god wears green makeup on the face while the dance playing a demon smears his face in green with red marks on the cheeks.

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