Important information about INDIAN SPACE PROGRAMME


🔹Father of Indian space programme
Ans : Vikram Sarabhai
🔹First rocket launching station in India
Ans : Thumba(1962)
🔹First rocket launched from Thumba
Ans : Nike Appache(1963)
🔹First chairman of ISRO
Ans : Vikram Sarabhai
🔹The rocket launching station which lies near to the equator
Ans : Thumba
🔹TERLS was formally dedicated to the United Nations on
Ans : February 2,1968
🔹The Rocket launched from Thumba on the 50th anniversary of first rocket launch
Ans : RH 200
🔹Rocket RH 200 was launched on
Ans : November 21,2013
🔹Indian Space department, and Space commission came into existence in
Ans : 1972
🔹First satellite of India
Ans : Aryabhatta
🔹Aryabhatta was launched on
Ans : Apirl 19,1975
🔹Aryabhatta was launched from
Ans : Volgo Grad (Russia)
🔹Second satellite from India
Ans : Bhaskara(1979)
🔹First Indian communication Satellite
🔹India’s first education Satellite
Ans : Edusat
🔹India’s indigenous radar imaging satellite
Ans : RISAT-1
🔹First space capsule recovery experiment of India
Ans : S.R.E 1
🔹First satellite to study about Ocean
Ans : Oceansat
🔹First University in india launched a satellite
Ans : Anna University
🔹Father of Space Science
Ans : Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
🔹Father of Modern Space Science
Ans : Galileo Galilei
🔹Father of Indian Space Science
Ans : Vikram Sarabhai
🔹The 100th space mission of ISRO
Ans : PSLV C- 21
🔹PSLV C -21 launched on
Ans : September 9, 2012
🔹PSLV C -21 launched from
Ans : Sriharikota
🔹Sateliites in PSLV C- 21
Ans : SPOT 6 (France), PROITERES (Japan)
🔹The 101th space mission of ISRO
Ans : PSLV C- 20
🔹PSLV C -20 launched on
Ans : February 25, 2013
🔹PSLV C-20 launched from
Ans : Sriharikotta

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