Pre-Matric Scholarship Scheme to OBC


The scheme of Pre-matric Scholarship for the benefit of children belonging to Weaker Section amongst OBCs has been formulated and this Scholarship would be helpful in spreading education amongst such children especially amongst the girl child of weaker sections.

Coverage Value of Scholarship and Ad-Hoc Grant

Hostlers : The students as hostlers will be covered from class III to X. The rate of scholarships is Rs 500 per month for 10 months.

Day Scholars : The students as day scholars will be covered from Class I to Class X. The rate of scholarships is Rs 100 per month for 10 months.

Ad-Hoc Grant : An ad-hoc grants of Rs.500/- per student per annum to all students i.e. hostlers as well as day scholars will also be given.Amount will be payable from the date of joining to the date of leaving the school, excluding the period of vacation, which will be about 10 months in a year except in the cases where the students enters late or leaves early in the midst of academic year.

Duration and Course

The scholarships may be given to the students enrolled in class I or any subsequent class of pre-matric stage in the case of day scholars, and class III or any subsequent class of pre-matric stage in the case of hostlers. The scholarship will terminate at the end of class X. The duration of scholarship in an academic year will be 10 months.

Mode of Selection

The concerned State Governments and Union Territory Administrations will lay down the detailed procedure for selection of students.


Scholarship award will be sanctioned in the case of students whose parents/guardians income from all sources does not exceed Rs. 2,50,000 per annum.Note 1: So long as either of the parents (or husband in the case of married unemployed girl student) are alive, only income of the parents/husband, as the case may be, from all sources will be taken into account and of no other members even though they may be earning. In the form of income declaration, income will be declared on this basis. Only in the case where both the parents (and husband in the case of married but unemployed girl student) have died, the income of the guardian who is supporting the student in his/her studies will have to be taken into consideration. Such students whose parent’s income is affected due to unfortunate death of one of earning parents and resultantly comes within the income ceiling prescribed under the scheme, shall become eligible for scholarship, subject to their fulfilling other conditions of eligibility, from the month in which such sad incidence taken place. Applications for scholarships from such students can be considered even after lapse of last date of receipt of applications, on compassionate grounds.
Note 2: House Rent allowance received by the parents of a student shall be exempted from the computation of ‘income’ if the same has been permitted to be exempted for purpose of Income-Tax.
Note 3: Income Certificate is required to be taken once only, i.e. at the time of admission to courses, which are continuing for more than one year.

Conditions for Award

  • The students may not be allowed to take up employment or render help to parents in their work during the course of studies.
  • The award will be discontinued if a student fails to secure annual promotion except in case of unavoidable reasons to be certified by the competent authority of the scheme.
  • If a student violates school discipline or any other terms and conditions of the scholarship, scholarship may be suspended or even cancelled, subject to the satisfaction of the competent school authority. The State Government/ Union Territory Administrations can also directly cancel the award if duly satisfied of the reasons of violation of these regulations governing the scheme.
  • Migration of students from one institution to another would not normally be allowed during the course of academic year except under exceptional circumstances and in the interest of student’s academic career.
  • The scholar obtaining benefits under this scheme shall not be allowed to avail of benefits under any other pre-matric scholarship scheme.
  • The students should be regular in attendance for which the yardstick shall be decided by the competent authority of the school.

Renewal of scholarship

  • The scholarship, once awarded, may be renewed during next academic year also by the concerned State Government/ Union Territory Administration unless the competent authority of the school recommends to the State Government/ Union Territory Administration, to discontinue the award with reference to relevant clause of these regulations governing the scheme.

Announcement of the Scheme

  • The scheme will be announced by the concerned State Government/ Union Territory Administration well in time, by giving advertisements in the leading language newspapers local dailies and by using other suitable publicity media.

Application Procedure

  • The concerned Department of the State Government/ Union Territory Administration will supply the application forms, which should be received back by the Department along with prescribed certificate, by the last date.
  • For online application and important dates, Click here.

Source: For Complete information on Pre Matric Scholarship Scheme for Other Backward Classes (OBC) Students for Studies in India, Click here

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