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The Apprentices Act, 1961 was enacted with the objective of regulating the programme of training of apprentices in the industry by utilizing the facilities available therein for imparting on-the-job training. The Act makes it obligatory for employers in specified industries to engage apprentices in designated trades to impart Apprenticeship Training on the job in industry to youth and person having National Trade certificate issued by National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT) to develop skilled manpower for the industry.

Apprentice and Apprenticeship training

  • An apprentice is a person who is undergoing apprenticeship training.
  • Apprenticeship training refers to a course of training in any industry or establishment. Apprenticeship training consists of basic training ( theoretical instructions ) and practical on the job training at actual work place.
  • Any individual, who has completed 14 years of age, is physically fit and having minimum educational qualification prescribed for a trade can undergo apprenticeship training.

Benefits of apprenticeship training

Apprentices get an opportunity of undergoing ‘on the job’ training and are exposed to real working conditions. They get a chance to work on advanced machines and equipments, industry specific best practices and learn more about their field. Apprentices become skilled workers once they have acquired the knowledge and skills in a trade or occupation, which help them in getting wage or self – employment. In addition apprentices get stipend at the prescribed rates during the training.

One can undergo apprenticeship training in any industry/ establishments in the Central/State Pubic Sector or Private Sector, where apprenticeship seats are available.

Categories of apprentices

There are four categories of apprentices namely

  • Trade apprentice
    • A person undergoing apprenticeship training in any designated trade. Designated trade is any trade / occupation / any subject field in engineering / non – engineering / technology / any vocational course as notified by the Government.
    • 8th, 10th, 12th standard and ITI pass – outs are eligible to undergo apprenticeship in designated trades for trade apprentices. In certain trades, B.Sc. pass is also a prescribed qualification.
  • Graduate apprentice – A person who holds a degree in engineering /non – engineering and undergoing apprenticeship training in designated trade.
  • Technician apprentice – A person who holds a diploma in engineering / non – engineering and undergoing apprenticeship training in designated trade.
  • Technician (vocational) apprentice – A person who holds certificate in vocational course after the completion of the secondary stage of school education recognised by the All – India Council.

Stipend to Apprenticeship

The minimum rate of stipend payable to all categories of apprentices including trade apprentices have been revised and notified in Extra Ordinary Gazette of India dated 25th September, 2019. The minimum stipend is based on educational and technical qualification requirement, prescribed in curricula of respective trades. The Apprenticeship Rule, 1992 as amended upto September 2019 prescribes that during the 2nd year of apprenticeship training, there shall be an increase of 10 per cent in the prescribed minimum stipend amount and further 15 per cent increase in the prescribed minimum stipend amount during 3rd year of apprenticeship training. The minimum stipend paid per month to all categories of apprentices is as under :

CategoryPrescribed minimum base stipend amount for 1st year of training
School pass-outs  ( class  5th – class 9th )Rs 5000 per month
School pass-outs ( class 10th)Rs 6000 per month
School pass-outs ( class 12th)Rs 7000 per month
National or State Certificate holderRs 7000 per month
Technician (vocational) apprentice  or Vocational Certificate holder or Sandwich Course (Students from Diploma Institutions)Rs 7000 per month
Technician apprentices or diploma holder in any stream or sandwich course (students from degree institutions)Rs 8000 per month
Graduate apprentices  or Degree apprenticeship or degree in any streamRs 8000 per month
Skill certificate holder stipend as per his/her educational qualifications as mentioned in the table aboveIn case, he does not fall in any of the above categories, he/she will get a minimum stipend of INR 5000/-per month.

Source : Ministry of Skill Development And Entrepreneurship

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