• Medicinal Line- Canada and the United States (49 Parallel North)

🌍 McMahon Line- India and China
🌎 Order- Neisse Line- Poland and Germany
🌎 Siegfried Line- Germany and France
🌎 Radcliffe Line- India and Pakistan
 🌎Mannerheim Line- Russia and Finland
🌎 Maginot Line- France and Germany
🌎 Curzon Line- Poland and Russia
🌎 Mason–Dixon line: Maryland and Pennsylvania/Delaware in Colonial America
 🌎Blue Line- Israel and Lebanon
🌎 Purple Line- Israel and Syria
🌎 Green Line- Israel and Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria (Israel neighbors)
🌏 Line of Actual control- India and China on the Northern Border
🌏 Military Demarcation Line or Armistice Line- North Korea and South Korea
🌍 16th parallel North- Angola and Namibia
 🌏17th Parallel- North Vietnam and South Vietnam
 🌎20 Parallel North- Libya and Sudan
🌎🌍 22 Parallel North- Egypt and Sudan
🌎 24th Parallel- India and Pakistan
 🌎25 Parallel North- Mauritania and Mali
🌎 26 Parallel North- Western Sahara and Mauritania
 🌎31 Parallel North- Iraq a006Ed Iran
 🌎33 Parallel North- North Africa and parts of the Middle East and China
 🌍35 Parallel North- US it serves as a border b/w Tennessee/ Mississippi, Tennessee/ Alabama, Tennessee/
Georgia, North Carolina/ Georgia
🌎 36 Parallel North- Southernmost Boundary of the state of Missouri with the state of Arkansas
🌎 37 Parallel North- Southern boundary of the historic and extralegal Territory of Jefferson
🌎 38 Parallel North- North Korea and South Korea
🌎 40 Parallel North- US it serves as a border b/w Nebraska and Kansas
 🌎41 Parallel North- US it forms the border b/w Wyoming / Utah border, Wyoming/ Colorado, Nebraska
and Colorado
🌎 42 Parallel North- Us it serves as a border of New York and Pennsylvania
🌎 43 Parallel North- US it serves as a border b/w State Nebraska and State of South Dakota
🌏 45 Parallel North- US it forms boundary b/w Montana and Wyoming

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