Excel Lookup Formulas & Infographic Chart Templates

Beginner module

Syllabus covered

Excel VLOOKUP: Basics of VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP explained with examples

How to use Excel Index Match (the right way)

Advanced Excel Index Match (3 Most Effective Formulas for Multiple Criteria)

Excel 3 Ways to Lookup within Boundaries: SUMIFS, SUMPRODUCT & INDEX

Excel INDIRECT Function: Lookup Values in Different Sheets / Excel Tabs

Excel Reverse Lookup Problem: Find Column Header based on Value in Matrix and Row Header

Intermediate module

Syllabus covered

Excel Complex Lookup: Find Header based on Lookup Criteria in Matrix with INDEX & SUMPRODUCT

Excel Formula Lookup Multiple Results: Return headers based on matrix values

TEXTJOIN Formula in Excel: Solve Complex Lookup Problems with TextJoin

Lookup values across multiple worksheets: VLOOKUP / INDEX MATCH in Excel

Return Multiple Match Results in Excel (2 methods)

VLOOKUP EXPLAINED – 2 Practical Excel Lookup Examples

Advanced module

Syllabus covered

Excel RANK without Skipping Numbers (Top 3 Report with Duplicates)

LOOKUP ALL values b/w two dates (Excel Dynamic Arrays Filter Function to return many match results)

Discover What XLOOKUP Can Do For YOU (R.I.P. Excel VLOOKUP)

This Excel Chart will grab your attention (Infographic template included)

How to create a dynamic map chart with drop-down (works with ANY Excel version)

Build Impressive Charts: It’s NOT your usual Bar Chart (Infographics in Excel)

Expert module

Syllabus covered

Creative infographics in Excel (Male, Female icons)

How to Create a Sales Funnel Chart in Excel (Not the ‘usual’ Funnel)

GUESS what’s HIDDEN in Excel? (Cool Trick)

Progress Circle Chart in Excel as NEVER seen before!


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