Data Structures 101

Free English

Beginner module

Syllabus covered

Data structures introduction

Abstract data types

Introduction to Big-O

Dynamic and Static Arrays

Dynamic Array Code

Linked Lists Introduction

Doubly Linked List Code

Stack Introduction

Stack Implementation

Stack Code

Queue Introduction

Queue Implementation

Queue Code

Priority Queue Introduction

Intermediate module

Syllabus covered

Priority Queue Min Heaps and Max Heaps

Priority Queue Inserting Elements

Priority Queue Removing Elements

Priority Queue Code

Union Find Introduction

Union Find Kruskal’s Algorithm

Union Find – Union and Find Operations

Union Find Path Compression

Union Find Code

Binary Search Tree Introduction

Binary Search Tree Insertion

Binary Search Tree Removal

Binary Search Tree Traversals

Binary Search Tree Code

Hash table hash function

Advanced module

Syllabus covered

Hash table separate chaining

Hash table separate chaining source code

Hash table open addressing

Hash table linear probing

Hash table quadratic probing

Hash table double hashing

Hash table open addressing removing

Hash table open addressing code

Fenwick Tree range queries

Fenwick Tree point updates

Fenwick Tree construction

Fenwick tree source code

Suffix Array introduction

Longest Common Prefix (LCP) array

Suffix array finding unique substrings

Expert module

Syllabus covered

Longest common substring problem suffix array

Longest common substring problem suffix array part 2

Longest Repeated Substring suffix array

Balanced binary search tree rotations

AVL tree insertion

AVL tree removals

AVL tree source code

Indexed Priority Queue | Data Structure

Indexed Priority Queue | Data Structure | Source Code


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