Advanced Excel- Tips & Formulas to Work Smarter

Advanced Excel- Tips & Formulas to Work Smarter

Free English

Beginner module

syllabus covered

Advanced Excel: Top 10 Tips & Formulas to Work Smarter

Excel: Inspecting Excel Spreadsheets for hidden information

Master Excel’s SUMPRODUCT Formula

Excel: How to debug your Excel formulas and keep your eyes on certain cells

Excel: How to Best Import External Data into Excel & Import data from the Web to Excel

Excel OFFSET Function for Dynamic Calculations – Explained in Simple Steps

Excel Dynamic YTD Calculations: OFFSET, SUMPRODUCT & SUM

Excel SUMIFS (better version of SUMIF), COUNTIFS & AVERAGEIFS (Multiple Criteria)

Intermediate module

Syllabus covered

Excel SUMIFS: Sum Alternate Columns based on Criteria and Header

Excel Workday function: Find end date – exclude weekends & holidays

Excel NETWORKDAYS function: Calculate the number of working days between two dates

Excel Conditional Formatting with Symbols and Icons (for better reports)

Excel Goal Seek Explained in Simple Steps

Excel Solver example and step-by-step explanation

Excel Reset Week Number Every Month – (WeekDay & WeekNum Functions Explained)

Excel Conditional Formatting the Lookup result in data table (Index Match)

Advanced module

Syllabus covered

Excel MOD Function – Easy Explanation & Practical Examples of MOD for Work

Excel Complex VLOOKUP to Create Description: Excel COUNTA, INDEX & MATCH for Blank Cells

Excel Sum(ifs) between dates, sum month & sum with multiple criteria

Return Multiple Match Results in Excel (2 methods)

VLOOKUP EXPLAINED – 2 Practical Excel Lookup Examples

How to Change the Number Format of a Cell Based on a Condition in Excel

Excel SUM based on Partial Text Match (SUMIFS with wildcards)

Count Day of Week Between Dates in Excel (How many Fridays?)

Expert module

Syllabus covered

Quick Excel Trick to Unstack Data from one Column to Multiple Columns

VLOOKUP or SUM Not Working? Convert Text to Date? (Excel Text to Columns)

Excel RANK without Skipping Numbers (Top 3 Report with Duplicates)

Excel HACK: Change HORIZONTAL Data to VERTICAL (NO Transpose Function needed)

Convert NUMBERS to WORDS (NO VBA) in Excel

Excel IF Function with PARTIAL Text Match (IF with Wildcards)



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