Music Production 101

Our free course “Music Production 101”, will give you all the basic knowledge required to start producing, including Audio & Acoustics, Hardware Setup, Software Setup, Sequencer, Mixer, MIDI Instruments, Automation, Exporting and more. Learn Ableton Live and how all its major features work for free. Start producing today!

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Basic knowledge

  • Mac or PC computer with a web browser and broadband Internet access
  • Any DAW like Ableton, Logic, Protools, SoundBridge, etc.
  • MIDI controller keyboard and/or padboard (optional)
  • No previous experience required

What will you learn

  • Audio & Acoustics
  • Hardware Setup
  • Software Setup
  • Sequencer
  • Mixer
  • MIDI Instruments
  • Automation
  • Exporting

Course CurriculumNumber of Lectures: 37Total Duration: 07:41:36

Level 1 – Audiio & Acoustics3 lectures

Level 2 – Hardware Setup4 lectures

Level 3 – Software Setup5 lectures

Level 4 – Sequencer7 lectures

Level 5 – Mixer5 lectures

Level 6 – Midi Instruments5 lectures

Level 7 – Automation4 lectures

Level 8 – Saving & Exporting4 lectures

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