Time Series Analysis in R

Time-Series Analysis comprises methods for analyzing data on time-series to extract meaningful statistics and other relevant information. Time-Series forecasting is used to predict future values based on previously observed values. You will learn several methods such as decomposition, irregularity concept, end-to-end case study for de-composition method to get a realistic overview of how things work in the industry. Understand the basics of Model Forecast Theory and its real-life application.

Skills covered

  • checkTime series analysis
  • checkModel forecast theory

Course Syllabus

Time Series Analysis in R

  • playBase of time series forecasting
  • playApproaches used for time series forecasting
  • playDecomposition method
  • playIrregularity concept in decomposition method
  • playCase study on decomposition method
  • playModel forecast theory
  • playModel forecast hands-on
  • playHands-on exercise on time series forecasting
  • playHands-on exercise using exponential smoothing function

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