Statistical Learning

In this Introductory course on Statistics and Probability, you will learn the mathematical concepts required for Machine Learning. You will first start with the basics of probability followed by different methods for the use of probability in Machine Learning Study. These will be explained with case studies and examples. You will next learn about the rules of basic probability calculation. This will be followed up with learning Bayes Theorem. To conclude you will understand distributions and explore normal distribution in depth.

Skills covered

  • checkProbability Theory
  • checkIntroduction to probability
  • checkRules for probability calculation
  • checkBayes Theorem
  • checkNormal Distribution

Course Syllabus

Statistical Learning

  • playCase study on statistics and probability theory
  • playSolution for case study
  • playIntroduction to probability
  • playRules for probability calculation
  • playBayes theorem Normal distribution

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