Advanced Statistics for Machine Learning

Statistics is used to process complex problems in the real world so that Data Scientists and Analysts can look for meaningful trends and changes. This course helps you learn about some statistical analyzing tools and its accurate application. Key concepts include probability distributions, statistical significance, hypothesis testing, and regression. Furthermore, machine learning requires understanding Bayesian thinking.

Skills covered

  • checkAdvanced Statistics
  • checkHypothesis testing
  • checkType-I and Type-II error

Course Syllabus

Advanced Statistics for Machine Learning

  • playFoundations of statistics
  • playConcept of standard error and probability
  • playRules of probability
  • playNormal distribution
  • playHands-on exercise on normality distribution
  • playBuilding confidence interval and sample size problem
  • playNull and alternate hypothesis
  • playType I and type II error
  • playConcept of P-value
  • playHypothesis formulation exercises
  • playT-test application- One sample problem and solution

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