Marketing 4 P’s : Marketing communication (Promotion)

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This course introduces the concept of marketing communication (Promotion), the final component of the marketing mix. It elaborates the 6 M model of marketing communication and how it plays a crucial role in the strategic planning of a firm. It also introduces Integrated marketing communication and its mix of promotion tools. The four Ps of marketing are the core factors that play a crucial role when a service is being marketed to the public. They are key components of the marketing mix and are constrained by multiple factors in the business. All of them interact significantly with one another to meet the marketing goals and objectives.

Skills covered

  • checkMarketing communication

Course Syllabus

Marketing 4 P’s : Marketing communication (Promotion)

  • play6 M model of marcom
  • playEffective marketing communication
  • playCase discussion
  • playIntegrated marketing communication
  • playAdvertising
  • playPersonal selling

Marketing 4 P’s : Marketing communication (Promotion)

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