Machine Learning with Python

This comprehensive course on machine learning explains the basic statistics and programming that are required to work on machine learning problems. The course explains the basics of Python programming and the various packages required for machine learning. It also covers statistical distributions and explains the various types of data you will need to work with. The course then teaches you a type of machine learning called reinforcement learning. Reinforcement learning has applications in game development, smart assistants, recommendation systems, and in industries as varied as finance, oil and gas, etc. The course will explain reinforcement learning using a real world case study to ensure that learning is practical and hands-on.

Skills covered

  • checkPython
  • checkStatistics
  • checkReinforcement learning
  • checkMachine learning

Course Syllabus

Introduction to Machine Learning with Python

  • playIntroduction of python and its libraries
  • playNumpy and pandas
  • playFiltering and sorting
  • playLoops and functions
  • playVisulalization libraries like matplotlib and seaborn
  • playDescriptive statistics
  • playUnderstanding distributions and plots
  • playTypes of data
  • playIntroduction to reinforcement learning
  • playQ – learning
  • playCase study on smart taxi

Machine Learning with Python

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