Data Science with Python

Data Science is one the hottest careers of the 21st century with an average salary of 120,000 USD per annum. Data proficiency is as important as computer proficiency was 20 years back. Huge investments in analytics by top companies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon are creating millions of jobs. This full course on data science gives you an in-depth understanding of the programming and statistics basics that are required to build a strong foundation and start your journey towards becoming a data scientist. The course explains the basics of Python programming and the various packages required for data science. It also covers statistical distributions and uni variate, bi variate and multivariate statistics. You will then learn a fundamental data science technique called regression. You will be introduced to various types of regression and understand how to solve business problems using these techniques. The entire course is experiential and hands-on and involves solving real-world problems.

Skills covered

  • checkStatistics
  • checkRegression
  • checkPython

Course Syllabus

Data Science Tutorial

  • playDescriptive statistics
  • playUnderstanding distributions and plots
  • playUnivariate statistical plots and usage
  • playBivariate and multivariate statistics
  • playIntro to python
  • playVariables, operators, datatypes and strings in python
  • playTuples, list, dictionary and set in python
  • playPython functions and classes
  • playIntro to numpy array
  • playIntro to linear regression
  • playRelationship between independent variable and target variable
  • playCoefficient of correlation
  • playLinear regression assumptions
  • playIntroduction to logistic regression
  • playSigmoid curve and logloss function
  • playModel cases of logistic regression

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