Introduction to Cyber Security

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Introduction to Cyber Security: The need for cyber security professionals has never been higher than it is today. The goal of this course is to prepare the next generation of security professionals and strengthen knowledge of current practitioners. You will be introduced to the foundations of Computer Security such as Design of Secure Systems, Goals and also delve into Cryptography and everything that revolves around Message Integrity and Encryption.

Skills covered

  • checkSecure System Design
  • checkSecurity Goals
  • checkThreats
  • checkPacket Encryption
  • checkIndustry Standards

Course Syllabus

Introduction to Cyber Security

  • playWhat is cyber security and what is the motivation behind it?
  • playSecure system design and security goals
  • playThreats
  • playVulnerabilities & Password Security
  • playWhat is Cryptography?
  • playMessage integrity
  • playCiphers and encryption
  • playBlock chain and cyber security
  • playRelevance
  • playCompliance
  • playgovernance
  • playand industry standards
  • playCareer and industry landscape
  • playProgram relevance

Introduction to Cyber Security

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