Introduction to Full Stack Development

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This course will introduce you to frameworks that will help you to become a full stack developer. You will be introduced to HTML basics such as how to create and deploy forms, tables and also learn about different HTML attributes. You will gain an understanding of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS0 which is a language used to describe how to visually present a page that you have written in HTML. You will also learn about keywords such as pseudo-classes that help to achieve event based changes such as changing a button’s color when the mouse pointer hovers over it. You will also understand box models and how HTML elements can be modeled in a browser engine.

Skills covered

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Front end development

Course Syllabus

Introduction to Full Stack Development

  • Introduction to front-end
  • HTML structure
  • Tables
  • Labels
  • Forms
  • HTML attributes
  • Button types
  • CSS styling
  • Pseudo-classes
  • Box models

Introduction to Full Stack Development

Course Certificate

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