Java Programming in Hindi

Java Programming in Hindi


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About this course

React JS is a JavaScript library that is developed and maintained by Facebook developers. If we want to build any sort of single page application, then React should be our go-to language. React also provides a way to reuse our UI components. In this course, we will start off with prerequisites, then we will cover the basics of React JS and finally, we will learn how to create components and reuse them.

Skills covered

  • Basics of HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript and React JS

Course Syllabus

React JS in Hindi

  • Introduction To react JS
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • What and why react JS
  • Single page application
  • Local setup and create react app tool
  • Next gen javascript features
  • Folder structure of react
  • JSX
  • Functional and class based components
  • Props
  • State and hooks
  • Rendering components

Course Certificate

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