23 May 2019

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❓India recently evacuated its entire contingent of 15 CRPF personnel from Libya after the situation suddenly worsened there. The capital of Libya is?

❓The award for the ‘Sportsperson of the year – Male’ went to Neeraj Chopra at the recent ESPN India Multi- Sport Awards. Neeraj is associated with which game?
✔️Javelin throw

❓The first-ever global coalition on clean and efficient cooling was launched at a global conference held recently in?

❓The US House of Representatives recently voted to end US involvement in which country?

❓China is all set to host the second Belt and Road Forum. The first BRI Forum was held in which year?

❓The World Health Day is observed every year on which date?
✔️07 Apr

❓Gudhi Padwa is a festival that marks the beginning of New Year. It is celebrated primarily in?

__ has received an “in-flight and maritime connectivity” (IFMC) license from the department of telecommunications (DoT).

❓Rana won the title of the ‘Coach of the Year’ at the recent ESPN India Multi-Sport Awards. Jaspal coaches

❓The RBI has come out with guidelines for banks to set up new currency chests. The new chests should have a processing capacity of __ pieces of banknotes per day.
✔️6.6 lakh

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