Important MCQs : 22 May 2019

❓present AIFF President has become the first Indian to be elected as a FIFA Council member. The present AIFF President is
✔️Praful Patel

❓The 7th Foreign Office consultations between India and Italy were held in New Delhi recently. The currency of Italy is

❓The headquarters of the World Bank is situated in which city?
✔️Washington DC

❓Karnataka Bank has entered into an MoU with Bharti AXA Life Insurance Company to distribute the latter’s life insurance products. Karnataka Bank is a
✔️Private Sector Bank

❓The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has given approval to Paytm Money to start offering broking services. The present Chairman of SEBI is
✔️Ajay Tyagi

❓CS Rajan has been appointed as the new Managing Director of which of the following institutions?

❓Lilongwe is the capital of which of the following countries? The currency of the country is Kwacha.

❓The National Maritime Day is observed every year on which date?
✔️05 Apr

❓The 75th anniversary of the Battle of Kohima was observed by the Nagaland govt recently. The Battle of Kohima was fought in three stages during the Second World War in

❓Who among the following won the 2019 Malaysia Open badminton recently?
✔️Lin Dan

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