RRB JE general awareness questions asked in todays exam

  1. What is the pH of Wine?


  1. What is the formula of Baking Soda?


  1. Name the First Space Satellite of India.


  1. Which country’s president is Cyril Ramaphosa?


  1. What was the location of Asian Games 2018?


  1. A Question on Atal Bihari Vajpayee.


  1. Where is the Floating Park of India located?


  1. Who is the current DRDO Chief?


  1. Who is the current ICC Chairman?


  1. In the movie The Accidental Prime Minister” who portrayed the role of Sonia Gandhi?


  1. Who is the current CM of Odisha?


  1. Which CM is also called “Mama”?


  1. Who is the father of Genetics?


  1. What’s India’s rank in the Hunger Index?


  1. What is the normal fetal heart rate?


  1. Where is the ADB Headquarters located?


  1. Who won the Oscar Award for the Best Actor?


  1. Who is the President of World Bank?


  1. How many seats are there in Punjab Lok Sabha seats?


  1. What is the formula of Benzene?


  1. What’s India’s rank in the Ease of Doing Business Index?


  1. Who is the author of Year of the Runaways?


  1. What’s the capital of Sweden?


  1. Who has been recently appointed as the Chief Scientist of WHO?


  1. What’s the chemical formula of Washing Soda?


  1. What’s the full form of HAL?


  1. Who has been the longest serving President of India?


  1. Who was Akbar’s father?


  1. What metal is used to manufacture aeroplane?


  1. On which river’s bank is Tokyo situated?


  1. What is the SI unit of Current?


  1. Tesla is the unit of which quantity?


  1. What’s the study of fungi?


  1. Which team won IPL 2019?


  1. Who is the current CIC Chairman?


  1. Which ship arrived first in India?


  1. How many Lok Sabha seats are there in MP?


  1. Who was the last ruler of Maurya dynasty?


  1. Which among is the party of Jayalalitha from TamilNadu?

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