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1. About the principal axes the number of non – zero elements of inertia tensor will be


2. A small marble rolling on a rough surface without slipping is an example [ ]


3. If ∂L/∂q = 0, where L is the Lagrangian for a conservative system without constraints and q is a generalized coordinate, then the generalized momentum is [ ]


4. The Lagrange’s equation for a conservative system is ________ [ ]



5. The Hamilton’s principle,

 States that the path actually traversed by a conservative Holonomic dynamic system from time t1 to time t2 is [ ]


6. Which of the following constraint contains time explicitly ? [ ]


7. The Lagrange’s equation of motion is a differential equation of [ ]


8. The relation between Poisson and Lagrange’s brackets is

d) None of these


9. For a free particle the principle of least action is

D) None


10. Match the following [ ]

Cases                                                                                 Degrees of freedom

(i) Rigid body moving in free space                                             (A) 5

(ii) Bob of a simple pendulum oscillating in a plane                (B) 6

(iii)Dumbell moving in space                                                        (C) 1



11. The condition for holonomic constraint is




12. A configuration space is a space of [ ]

(l → constraints)


13. The correct relations for Poisson brackets are : [ ]




14. Lagrangian formalism transformation to Hamiltonian formalism meant [ ]


15. If all forces in a system are derived from a generalized potential then it is called a


16. The canonical transformation

 represent [ ]


17. If Pk and qk (k = 1, 2, 3) represent the momentum and position coordinates respectively for a particle, [ ]


18. Lagrange’s equations of motion are second order equations, the degrees of freedom for this are _________ [ ]


19. For a charged particle in an electromagnetic field, the Hamiltonian H is represented as ______ [ ]




20. The action integral of a physical system for the actual path is [ ]


21. A physical system is invariant under rotation about a fixed axis. Then the following quantity is conserved _____ [ ]


22. Law of conservation of angular momentum is a consequence of [ ]


23. Lagrangian of the Sun – Earth System is [ ]

Here is the Sun – Earth distance, M and m are the masses of the Sun and Earth respectively.
θ is the angular speed, and G the gravitational constant.


24. If Φ’ changes its sign between the limiting values of θ then the possible motion of heavy symmetric top is [ ]


25. Lagrangian for a compound pendulum is ________ [ ]



26. The principle of virtual work asserts that the system of particles will be in equilibrium only if


27. For a conservative system where the coordinate transformations is independent of time, the Hamiltonian function (H) represents [ ]


28. A conservative system takes a path that the integral 1∫² Pi q’j dt



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