GK and Current Affairs Practice test 15th May

GK and Current Affairs in practice bits

  1. Which treaty was amended recently to include Plastic Waste?

a) Basel Convention
b) Rotterdam Convention
c) Stockholm Convention
d) Montreal Protocol

  1. Which aerial vehicle was flight tested successfully by DRDO?


  1. Who was backed by India for the position of next President of the United Nations General Assembly?

a) Syed Akbaruddin
b) Maria Fernanda Espinosa
c) Tijjani Muhammad-Bande
d) Andreas Mavroyiannis

  1. Which Department launched the MANAV: Human Atlas Initiative?

a) Department of Information Technology
b) Department of Communications
c) Department of Research & Development
d) Department of Biotechnology

  1. Which Institution announced Rs 700 crore project funds for agriculture and rural start-ups?

b) Department of Agriculture
c) Indian Agricultural Research Institute
d) Institute on Fisheries Education

  1. Which nation has placed Chinese, Pakistani companies on entity list?

a) India
b) United States
c) Russia
d) Germany

  1. India has extended 1 billion dollar Line of Credit to which nation?

a) Angola
b) Central African Republic
c) Mongolia
d) Maldives

  1. Which among the following retired Supreme Court judges has been appointed to the Supreme Court of Fiji?

a) Jagdish Singh Khehar
b) Arjan Kumar Sikri
c) Madan Bhimrao Lokur
d) Kurian Joseph

  1. The Union Home Ministry has extended the ban imposed on which among the following militant organizations?

c) LeT
d) JeM

  1. Which nation has decided to mobilize its military in fight against African swine fever?

a) Philippines
b) Indonesia
c) Singapore
d) Vietnam

ANSWERS of GK and Current Affairs Practice test 15th May

  1. (a) Basel Convention

The 1989 Basel Convention was amended recently by around 180 countries to include Plastic Waste, a decision that aims to protect environment and human health from the damaging effects of harmful chemicals and waste.

  1. (b) ABHYAS

The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) successfully flight tested the High-speed Expendable Aerial Target (HEAT), ABHYAS. The flight test was conducted from the Interim Test Range, Chandipur, Odisha.

  1. (c) Tijjani Muhammad-Bande

India backs Nigerian Ambassador to the United Nations, Tijjani Muhammad-Bande as the next President of the United Nations General Assembly. The election to the post of UNGA’s President will be held in June 2019.

  1. (d) Department of Biotechnology

The MANAV: Human Atlas Initiative was launched recently by the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) working under Ministry Of Science and Technology. This human tissue mapping project has been launched to improve understanding on human physiology.

  1. (a) NABARD

The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) announced Rs 700 crore project funds for equity investments in agriculture and rural start-ups. This project was launched by Nabventures, an auxiliary unit of NABARD.

  1. (b) United States

The United States has placed 12 foreign companies, including Chinese and Pakistani firms into its entity list to check misuse of sensitive technologies against its national security. The 12 entities that have made it into the list include four companies with locations in both China and Hong Kong, two Chinese, one Pakistani and five UAE persons.

  1. (c) Mongolia

India has extended 1 billion dollar Line of Credit to Mongolia to set up its first-ever grass-root refinery at Sainshand in Dornogobi Province. The capacity of the refinery will be 1.5 million metric tons per annum and it will be implemented with Exim Bank funding.

  1. (c) Madan Bhimrao Lokur

Retired Supreme Court Justice Madan Bhimrao Lokur has been appointed to the Supreme Court of Fiji’s non-resident panel for the duration of three years. Justice Lokur received the appointment letter for the same on December 31, 2018, a day after he retired from the Supreme Court of India.

  1. (a) LTTE

The Union Home Ministry has extended the ban imposed on the militant group, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) for its strong anti-India posture and the threat it poses to the nation.

  1. (d) Vietnam

Vietnam announced that it will mobilise its military and police forces to help combat the outbreak of African swine fever. The virus has already resulted in the culling of about four per cent of the country’s pig herd.
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