17 May 2019

❓The new imperial era of which country, to begin on May 1 with Crown Prince Naruhito becoming emperor, will be called Reiwa?

❓Nirav Modi, the main accused in the $2-bn Punjab National Bank fraud case, was arrested in which of the following countries recently?

❓PS Jayakumar is the present MD and CEO of which of the following public sector banks?
✔️Bank of Baroda

❓The Union Cabinet has approved the creation of additional posts in the NCLAT. In the term NCLAT, letter ‘C’ stands for?

❓Who among the following won the ATP Miami Open 2019?
✔️Roger Federer

❓Abdelaziz Bouteflika has announced to resign before his mandate expires. He is the present President of?

❓ISRO’s launch vehicle PSLV-C45 placed 28 foreign satellites and an intelligence satellite in their orbits recently. The primary satellite in the rocket was?

❓Army Chief General Bipin Rawat went on a four-day tour to which country recently to discuss issues of mutual interest in military cooperation?

❓India and Chile have agreed to work together to strengthen the global response to defeat and destroy terrorism. The currency of Chile is?

❓Which of the following electronic mail services completed 15 years in service on 1 Apr 2019?

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