13 May 2019

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❓ The govt will soon infuse Rs 28,615 cr into seven public sector banks (PSBs). Out of these seven PSBs, which bank is likely to get the highest amount of Rs 10,086 cr?
✔️ Bank of India

❓ Mount Etna volcano erupted in which country recently triggering an earthquake in Sicily Island?

❓ Which of the following has emerged as the top district in Niti Aayog’s second Delta Ranking of the Aspirational Districts Programme?
✔️Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu

❓Manju Mehta has been conferred with the ‘Tansen Samman’ for 2018 by the Madhya Pradesh govt. She is a noted?
✔️sitar player

❓Which state has added another olive ridley turtles’ mass nesting site in the form of Bahuda river beach in Ganjam district?

❓The National Energy Conservation Day is celebrated every year on which date?
✔️14 Dec

❓Which Indian personality has been appointed as new SDG Advocate of UN?
✔️Dia Mirza

❓Thopil Mohammed Meeran, who passed away recently, was the renowned novelist of which language?

❓Which well-known actor has written the novel “Dopehri”?
✔️Pankaj Kapur

❓India’s newest pit viper has recently found in which of the following states?
✔️Arunachal Pradesh

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