6 May 2019

❓ What is the India’s GDP forecast for FY19, as per World Bank’s 2019 Global Economic Prospects report?

❓ The controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2019 seeks to provide Indian citizenship to non-Muslims from which of the following countries?
✔️Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan

❓ Who has become first Indian to head Global Solar Council (GSC)?
✔️Pranav R Mehta

❓ Which country has been named as the host of 2019 Africa Cup of Nations?

❓ The Union Government has launched the Web- Wonder Women campaign in collaboration with which human rights organization?
✔️Breakthrough India

❓ Gangajal Project, which is in news recently, is launched in which of the following cities?

❓ India’s longest single-lane steel cable suspension bridge has opened in which of the following states?
✔️Arunachal Pradesh

❓ Which of the following states is set to become the first Indian state to roll out Universal Basic Income (UBI)?

❓ The first-ever India-Central Asia Dialogue at the level of Foreign Ministers is scheduled to be held in which of the following countries?

❓ What is the India’s rank at the EIU Democracy Index 2018?
✔️ 41st

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