30 April 2019

❓Which of the following heritage sites is the motif of greenish-yellow Rs 20 denomination banknotes?
✔️Ellora Caves

❓Which Indian defense organization has signed pact with NHPC for construction of tunnels on China & Pakistan borders?
✔️Indian Army

Who is the head of the CPWD committee to formulate design policy for ❓building construction?
✔️M K Sharma

❓Rama Sengupta Paul, who passed away recently, was the veteran personality in which field?

❓Puranik Yogendra, who has become the first ethnic Indian to contest and win an election in Japan, is from which of the following Indian cities?

❓Who is the head of the IRDA committee to review microinsurance framework?
✔️Suresh Mathur

❓Which country has recently pledged £4 million to support Modern Slavery Innovation Fund (MSIF)?

❓Which International organisation has announced that Qatar will officially abolish its controversial exit visa system for all foreign workers by the end of 2019?

❓MERA India has been launched to eliminate malaria from India by which year?

❓What is the India’s rank in the 2019 Index of Cancer Preparedness (ICP)?

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