26 April 2019

❓As per which section of the RTI Act, the Government of India (GoI) cannot refuse information if disclosure in public interest overshadows certain ‘pro?
✔️Section 8 (2)

❓Which Indian personality has been chosen for Russia’s highest civilian award “Order of St Andrew the Apostle”?
✔️ Narendra Modi

❓Which international agency has recently published a State of World Population 2019 report?

❓The Jallianwala Bagh massacre was held in which of the following years?
✔️ 1919

❓Which mobile wallet provider has tied up with MMTC-PAMP India to launch gold buying feature?
✔️Google Pay

❓The scientists at which university have discovered chain-melted state of matter?
✔️ University Of Edinburgh

❓Who has become the first-ever captain to win 100 matches in IPL history?
✔️ MS Dhoni

❓Humo luzonensis, which is in news recently, has discovered in which of the following countries?
✔️ Phillippines

❓Which of the following countries will be the Guest of Honour country at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair (ADIBF 2019)?
✔️ India

❓Who has been appointed as new Secretary of Defence Finance?
✔️ Gargi Kaul

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