22 April 2019

❓ The govt collected _ as goods and services tax (GST) in Dec 2018.
✔️ Rs 94,726 cr

❓ The Reserve Bank of India has introduced a one-time restructuring scheme for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) with a maximum exposure of
✔️ Rs 25 cr

❓ The RBI enforced Rs 14-crore penalty on seven banks for flouting norms in 2018 according to the latest FSR. Here, the term FSR means
✔️ Financial Stability Report

❓The govt has exempted rupee payments made to the oil company NIOC towards the purchase of crude oil from payment of any tax. NIOC belongs to
✔️ Iran

❓ The book titled ‘Shades of Truth: A Journey Derailed’ has been penned by who among the following?
✔️ Kapil Sibal

❓ The World Braille Day is observed every year on which date?
✔️ 04 Jan

❓ The United Nations recently adopted two resolutions on International Information Security (IIS) system recently. These resolutions were proposed by
✔️ Russia

❓ The amendments in SARFAESI Act have helped banks improve recovery of stressed assets during FY18. In the term SARFAESI, letter ‘S’ stands for
✔️ Securitisation

❓ The Union Cabinet has approved amendments to the POCSO Act to make punishment more stringent. In the term POCSO, letter ‘P’ denotes
✔️ Protection

❓ The central govt has doubled the export incentives for onion farmers to
✔️ 10 per cent

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