✅ NASA’s Exoplanet Mission Finds 1st Earth Size Alien World

▪️The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) Mission of NASA has discovered its rst Earth-size alien world. About the Discovery The planet, HD 21749c, is about 89 per cent of Earth’s diameter.

▪️ The planet orbits HD 21749, a K-type star with about 70 per cent of the Sun’s mass located 53 light years away in the southern constellation Reticulum.

▪️HD 21749c is the second planet TESS has identied in the system.

▪️HD 21749c is the 10th conrmed planet discovered by TESS, and hundreds of additional candidates are now being studied. HD 21749c doesn’t seem to have good life-hosting potential as it circles its host star very tightly, completing one orbit every 7.8 Earth days, and is therefore probably quite hot.

▪️TESS which was launched just about a year ago is already a game-changer in the planet-hunting business.

▪️TESS total tally is likely to end up topping that of Kepler has found about 70% of the 4,000 exoplanets discovered to date.

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