12 April 2019

❓ The gross non-performing assets of banks rose to 11.2 per cent to what amount in FY18, according to the Reserve Bank data?
✔️ Rs 10.39 tn

_ has received the RBI’s approval for inclusion in the second schedule of the RBI Act, 1934, within two years of its commencement of operations.
✔️ ESAF Small Finance Bank

❓ India’s foreign exchange reserves increased by USD 167.2 mn to USD 393.287 bn in the week to Dec 21. Which of the following is NOT a component of India’s foreign exchange reserves?
✔️ India’s grants to other nations

❓ The RBI had given approval to 11 payments banks and six PBs have launched operations so far. Which of the following has NOT launched its operation so far?
✔️ NSDL Payments Bank

❓ The direct tax-GDP ratio has improved to __ in 2017-18.
✔️ 5.98 per cent

❓ For the first time in two decades, India has been getting more foreign investment than China. In 2018, India received _ in FDI.
✔️$38 billion

❓ The ‘Dong Feng-21D’ anti-ship ballistic missile (ASBM), which can accurately strike warships 1,500 km away, is developed by
✔️ China

❓ Gatwick Airport is situated in which city? It was acquired for $3.7 bn by the French construction company Vinci SA recently.
✔️ London

❓ A strong earthquake rocked Venezuela recently. The capital of Venezuela is ?

❓ Which of the following private sector banks has announced a ‘blended finance facility’ to the rescue salt farmers of Rann of Kutch (Gujarat)?
✔️YES Bank

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