10 April 2019

❓ The Chang’e-4 probe of which of the following countries landed on far side of moon recently?

❓ A Parliamentary panel recently lauded the govt’s efforts to go for market borrowings for the centrally-sponsored scheme on blue revolution. Blue revolution is related to
✔️ aquaculture

❓ Tourists fled from the islands of Koh Phangan and Koh Tao recently ahead of tropical storm Pabuk. These islands are situated in
✔️ Thailand

❓ A gas explosion hitting a residential building in Magnitogorsk city killed at least 37 people in which of the following countries?
✔️ Russia

❓ Who among the following is the Human Resource Development Minister in the present Union Cabinet?
✔️ Prakash Javadekar

❓ Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) praised India’s Ayushman Bharat scheme recently. The present DG of the WHO is
✔️ Tedros Adhanom

❓ Who among the following is the most cash-rich promoter among individual promoters in the country as of now? He had cash earnings of Rs 10,115 cr in the last three years.
✔️Azim Premji

❓ The printing of Rs 2000 banknote has been reduced to the minimum by the RBI. Of the total currency in circulation amounting to Rs 18,037 bn at end-Mar 2018, Rs 2000 notes accounted for
✔️37.3 per cent

❓ The credit growth of HFCs is likely to shrink on liquidity crisis and tough competition. In the term HFC, letter ‘H’ means
✔️ Housing

❓ The ‘yellow vest protesters’ wrote an open letter to President Emmanuel Macron in which country recently?
✔️ France

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