Ignou question papers 2009 SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK (SOSW) सामाजिक कार्य विद्यापीठ (एसओएसडब्ल्यू)

सामाजिक कार्य विद्यापीठ (एसओएसडब्ल्यू)

Download Ignou question papers 2009 SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK (SOSW)  सामाजिक कार्य विद्यापीठ (एसओएसडब्ल्यू)
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SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK (SOSW)  सामाजिक कार्य विद्यापीठ (एसओएसडब्ल्यू)
School of Social Work  
Certificte/Diploma in HIV and Family Education (Includes AFE -1 to 6/ BFE-101 to102, BFEE-101 to 104, AFE- 01 to 06 ) June 2009 December 2009
Bachelor in social work (Includes BSWE-001 to 006) June 2009 December 2009
Master in social work (Includes MSW-001 to MSW-009, MSWE-001) June 2009 December 2009