Karnataka state board Primary School Books

KTBS Primary school books free Download

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5th class Languages

5th English medium

5th Kannada medium

5th Hindi medium

5th Telugu medium

5th Tamil medium

5th Urdu medium

5th marathi medium

4th class Languages

4th English medium

4th Kannada medium

4th Hindi medium

4th Telugu medium

4th Tamil medium

4th Urdu medium

4th Marathi medium

3rd class Languages

3rd English medium

3rd Kannada medium

3rd Hindi medium

3rd Telugu medium

3rd Tamil medium

3rd Urdu medium

3rd Marathi medium

2nd class Languages

2nd English medium

2nd Kannada medium

2nd Hindi medium

2nd Telugu medium

2nd Tamil medium

2nd Urdu medium

2nd Marathi medium

1st class Languages

1st English medium

1st Kannada medium

1st Hindi medium

1st Telugu medium

1st Tamil medium

1st Urdu medium

1st Marathi medium

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